North Branch Basketball Association

2019-20 Traveling


Vikings Boys Basketball Association Registration

This registration form must be completed along with the following uniform deposit & fee to receive a jersey to play in tournaments:


If registering player is enrolled in VSA (Vikings Skills Academy) the fee, if paid before deadline, will be:

3rd & 4th Grade: $150

5th – 8th Grade: $200


Deadline: October 4th, 2019


3rd & 4th Grade Participants: $175     ($225 after deadline)

5th – 8th Grade Participants: $225     ($275 after deadline)


***All grades jersey deposit: $50***
(separate check from fee that will be shredded, unless otherwise requested, upon return of jersey in acceptable condition)


Please ensure checks are made out to VBBA. Cash will not be accepted. The $50 jersey deposit can be brought to uniform pick-up day.


Any check cashed by the association, for any reason, that are returned due to cancellation and /or non-sufficient funds will be turned over to a collections agency to recover the fees and any associated expenses by the collection agency. By registering your child and making payment to the association, based on the requirements listed, you agree to any and all terms of the association.


Requests for specific coaches will not be accepted. Coaches as well as members of the association have the right to select players/teams to guarantee a spot on the team and may be based on tryouts, if tryouts are conducted at all or any specific grade level. The board reserves the right to adjust level of play decisions at any time based on registration numbers, finalizing team rosters, or other applicable factors.


Traveling Basketball involves the following:


  1. Player Participation: A commitment by each player to be at all or as many practices as possible is required. Coaches should be informed of any absences as early as possible so practice plans can be modified, if needed. Practice participation is not an option and coaches will have the right to reduce a players playing time because of practice participation, effort, and ability.
  2. Additional Fees: The VBBA pays for up to 4 tournaments for any 3rd and 4th grade team and up to 6 for 5th – 8th grade teams as part of the player registration. Any additional tournaments will be paid by the players prior to the first game of that additional tournament.
  3. Playing Time: Although the VBBA wants to develop players at all age levels, traveling basketball is set up as a competitive level of play. The playing time of players will be the sole responsibility of the head coach and will be based on practice work ethic and the ability of each player to ensure teams are competitive.
  4. Final Decision: The VBBA and its board members have the final say in matters that need to be addressed or considered.


Please direct questions to:

Scott Whitman

VBBA President

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